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Books and Cover Art

My first book of poems, "From the Anklets of a Homemaker" got published in 2013. It is a collection of micro poems that I wrote on nature, love, humanity and the little things that we don't pay attention in daily life. 

It is available on Amazon as both book and Kindle version and also on Flipkart.


I also wrote a colourful children's poetry ebook with beautiful illustrations based on nature called, "Maya's Garden Song" It is a story about how Maya wants to be a tree, cloud, bees, and all that she sees in her garden. It is available at Amazon too.


After I started doing GardenArt, my first work as a designer was to create the book cover for Kat Lehmann's poetry book, "Small Stones from the River" The poems explore love, loss, forgiveness, healing and happiness. Here is the link to the book,


And finally, here is a link to my author page,

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